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Monthly Archives: May 2018

PLANT SALE tomorrow 19th May from 9am until mid-day.

The second of our Plant Sales will held at the usual spot in Fordingbridge Car Park by the HCC Library/Co-op Store.

We didn’t see many members last week for our first Plant Sale, so please drop by and say ‘Hello’ to our cheery Committee members and make a purchase or two.

This is a good fund-raiser for the Society and helps pay for the speakers/lecturers each month. Fees are up again this year, and with expenses, costs are approaching £100 a time.

So it’s vital that we raise sufficient funds from these Plant Sales each year to maintain the status quo.


MONTHLY MEETING Monday 21st May at Avonway at 7.30pm – this is a week earlier than usual, as the following Monday is the Spring Bank Holiday.

The speaker will be Neil Lovesey and he will help us to identify our gardening failures with a talk entitled “Why did it die?”

There are two Table Shows (1) 1 stem of Iris  (2) 3 stems of perennials.

Tea or coffee and a biscuit – 50 pence.

Any plants left over from tomorrow’s sale will be available for you to purchase. (We almost sold out the first week!)


We hope to see some of you both days!




The Society has recently heard that Mrs Janet Carden, an Honorary Life Member, passed away in hospital on 28th March 2018. Her husband, Patrick, was Chairman of the Society for six years from 1994 to 1999 and they previously lived in Station Road, Fordingbridge until moving to Alderholt some years ago.  We send our condolences to Patrick at this sad time.