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Monthly Archives: September 2021

With only one week to go the Society remains on course to re-commence monthly meetings for members at Avonway. This is really great news, but I know that some of you are still very concerned about meeting up in a group with people that you have not seen or spoken to since we were last at Avonway in February 2020. We have absolutely no idea how many members to expect next Monday 27th September; we have made arrangements to see that chairs will be socially distanced, although if you come with someone that you would like to sit with you, just move your chairs closer together. Remember that there is no mandatory requirement for face masks to be worn, but if you feel happier by doing so, then please wear them; Mary and I will be! The room will be well ventilated with windows open and hand sanitisers will be available. Just be sensible and sensitive about others around you, and please stay away if you have the germ of a cold or cough, even if you have recently had your ‘flu jab. Names of those attending the meeting will be noted by our Chairman and retained for a month for track and trace purposes.

Now moving on to a few more details; the meeting will start at our usual time of 7.30pm and the speaker will be Roger Frampton on ‘Orchids and their care’. If you have a problem Orchid plant, do bring it along and Roger will do his best to give you some tips to assist in its future care. We will be running our Table Show but no competition points will be awarded, only the first, second and third place garden tokens. There will be three classes; the longest runner  bean, three tomatoes – all of one kind; and three dahlias. There’s a chance for a keen member to go home with £9 worth of tokens to spend! Tea or coffee will be available, as the Avonway kitchen is back in operation; we will  instruct you about staggering the queue to the kitchen serving hatch, but there will not be any charge for the refreshments; however, if you’re really keen to make a donation, please do so.