A very friendly group with a shared interest in plants and gardens


President:                           Mr. Keith Bennett                01425 655331

Officers:appointed 29 Nov 2021
Chairman:                            Mrs. S. Hockin                   01425 656465
Secretary and            
Website Administrator:               Mr. D. Melbourne                 01425 655235
Treasurer:                           Mr. G. Fry                     01425 655083             
Show Secretary:                      Mrs. T. Netherway                     01425 652983
Publicity Officer:                   vacancy                         
Speakers' Secretary:                 Mrs. D. Merry                       01425 657076
Committee members: appointed 29 Nov 2021
Mr. S. Curtis                                                        
Mrs J. Jeffrey
Ms. M. Townsley          New Member Welcomer        
vacancy for one committee member
Web site                 www.fanddhs.org.uk
Web site manager:    Stephen Rothwell - Custom Internet Limited      01425 655210
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