A very friendly group with a shared interest in plants and gardens


All evening meetings are held at 7.30pm  in the West Room of the Greenwich Suite at Avonway Community Centre at 36 Shaftesbury Street, Fordingbridge SP6 1JF. In June the meeting is held in the East Room and the Evening Show is held in the West Room. Please note that although there are a limited number of disabled car parking spaces at Avonway, all general car parking is available free of charge in the main Fordingbridge Car Park located about 50 yards further along the road.

Avonway Management has asked that should you have to park on the road, then this is done sensibly without parking on the bend or obstructing any neighbouring gates or driveways. Thank you.

Please note that the use of Bikini Vases is not permitted in the Table Shows, Spring Show or Evening Show.


January 27th

“Tale of two Gardens by the Bay in Singapore” – Rosemary Legrand

Table Shows:

(1)     3 stems of 3 kinds of foliage

(2)     A stem of a Scented Plant

February 24th

“The hidden Gardens of London” – Bob Ayres

Table Show:  3 floating Hellebore heads

March 30th – CANCELLED

“Why do Foxgloves have no smell?” – Alan Edmondson

Spring Show – members only (a special Schedule will apply)

April 27th – CANCELLED

“Seasonal Herbaceous Perennials” – Rosy Hardy

Table Show: A vase of mixed flowers

May 9th and May 16th (both Saturdays)   CANCELLED

Sale of Spring/Summer bedding plants, perennials and vegetable plants at Fordingbridge Car Park by the Library from 9.00am until mid-day.

May 18th (one week earlier than usual, due to the Spring Bank Holiday on 25th May)         CANCELLED

“Design aspects of Garden Ponds” – Sandy Worth

(1)     A Pot Plant

(2)     Three stems of perennials

June 26th  (Friday)    CANCELLED

Annual Outing to Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens and Swannery.

June 29th    CANCELLED

“Recycling and water conservation” – Kelvin Mason

Evening Show – members only (a special Schedule will apply)

September 28th    CANCELLED

“Orchids and their care” – Roger Frampton  (members may like to bring their own plants)

Table Show:

(1)     the longest runner bean

(2)     Three tomatoes – all of one kind

(3)     Three dahlias

October 26th   CANCELLED

“The Liiving Art of Bonsai” – Grahame Alexander

(1)     3 vegetables – all different

(2)     Any stem of autumn Flower

November 30th  CANCELLED

Annual General Meeting

Table Show:

‘A Seasonal Arrangement’ (using material from your own garden)


January 25th 2021

“Hilliers Garens ‘Paradise through the Seasons – John Combes