A very friendly group with a shared interest in plants and gardens


In common with all other clubs, societies and community groups that meet at Avonway Community Centre, members of Fordingbridge Horticultural Society have not met since its meeting in February. Disappointingly, all subsequent events have been cancelled, including Plant Sales, the main fund-raising events of the year, the Spring and Summer Shows, and the outing to Abbotsbury due to have taken place this month.

The Society is mindful of the need to keep in touch with members in the absence of monthly meetings, so at the end of March a new feature was introduced to the Society website in the form of a Photo Gallery. Members that have access to the internet were invited by email to send in photographs of their gardens to feature in a Spring Gallery. This has been a great success, and over sixty images have accumulated during the past ten weeks. Weekly emails are issued identifying those that have submitted photographs for inclusion; from the feedback received this website page has generated much interest, so a second page has now been added in the form of a Summer Gallery. Members continue to send in their garden photographs that will be added to the Gallery. Everyone can access the Society website at www.fanddhs.org.uk and we are delighted to promote this facility for all in the community.

At the time of drafting this update, it is still very much crystal ball gazing as to when the meeting venue will reopen, due to the need to maintain self-distancing and how the rooms can be cleaned to accord with government requirements. So for the foreseeable future we will continue to keep in touch with members by email to inform on changes to the website and house-keeping matters in general.