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  • Coronavirus
  • Cancelled Events

Dear Member

The Society officers’ have agreed that as the majority of our members are deemed to be in what is termed the ‘vulnerable category’, it is in the best interest of all concerned to cancel forthwith our Spring Show and meeting on 30th March and the meeting on 27th April.

A decision will be taken on whether to proceed with our Plants Sales on 9th & 16th May and the meeting on 18th May in three to four weeks’ time, and you will be notified of our decision in the usual way.

Meanwhile, on an optimistic note, please send in your bookings for the outing to Abbotsbury on 26th June. The details and booking form are on our website.

We would normally send out the Schedule for the June Evening Show with the March Newsletter. However, this Newsletter will not be published this month, and the Evening Show Schedule will be posted on our website; you will all receive it from me by a separate email before the end of March.

Should you have any queries on the above, I will be pleased to reply to you by email or speak to you on the phone if that is what you would prefer.

Members that are not on email will receive this communication by hand delivery along with the Evening Show Schedule.